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Design How to Fall Proof Your Home Taking preventative measures for a safer home can save potential stress in the future. Especially during this time of year when you may have small children and older family and friends coming to visit for the holidays. Thank you Sandy Dodge at Windermere for this great write up–! How to Fall Proof Your Home Each […]
Buying Buying and Selling a Home at the Same Time Does this sound like a daunting task? While there are lots of moving parts, it can be done and I am here to help. Thanks Sandy Dodge at Windermere for this insightful write-up. Successfully selling a home and buying a home are significant accomplishments on their own, but when their timelines cross it can be difficult to manage […]
Buying 9/27/2021 Housing and Economic Update from Matthew Gardner This video is the latest in our Monday with Matthew series with Windermere Chief Economist Matthew Gardner. Each month, he analyzes the most up-to-date U.S. housing data to keep you well-informed about what’s going on in the real estate market.     Introducing Matthew Gardner, Windermere’s Chief Economist, and his latest episode of Mondays with Matthew. […]
Buying What is a Buyer’s Market? While we aren’t in a buyer’s market yet, it’s still good to know how to navigate through one. Thanks Sandy Dodge for pulling this information in one place Much can be determined about the conditions of a local real estate market by its supply and demand. When the supply of available homes is greater than […]
General Info Forget Stocks. Millenials want their money in cold, hard cash. Here's an article from CNN-Money about Millenials— 18-29 year olds are a recession-scarred generation and have a risk aversion to investing money in stocks and real estate. They want it in cash—all cash—. Is that an investment?  It is accessible and usable for immediate needs. Is that enough? Economists hope that this generation will return […]
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